No Charges Filed Against YouTube Mom’s Sons in Arizona

no charges filed

No Charges Filed Against YouTube Mom’s Sons in Arizona

no charges filedYou may remember that the mother of children who gained popularity on YouTube was recently charged with child abuse. The YouTube channel “Fantastic Adventures” was popular with kids and their parents and had more than 250 million views.

The channel was started by the mother and starred her seven adopted children.

The mother, Machelle Hobson, 47, was arrested and charged on two counts of molestation of a child, seven counts of child abuse, five counts of child neglect, and five counts of unlawful imprisonment. At the time, Hobson’s adult sons were also arrested and charged with failing to report the abuse of a minor.

Today, we want to bring an update to this story and use this as an example of how, in many cases, the charges are wrong and prosecutors do not have the evidence they think they do.

What Is Happening Now?

Hobson’s two biological sons were arrested in this case at the same time as their mother. However, prosecutors have said that they will not charge either Logan Hackney, 27, or Ryan Hackney, 25.

The two brothers were scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing recently and prosecutors have not elaborated on their decision not to charge them. Their mother remains in jail on a $200,000 bond and will have a pre-trial conference in May of 2019.

We can speculate as to why the charges were dropped against the two Hackney’s. In this case, it is likely that law enforcement and prosecutors wanted to be seen as doing everything they could to ensure justice was being served. It is true, the charges described in the complaints are heinous and given the media attention, we can see why police wanted to make as many arrests as possible.

However, it seems that they just did not have the evidence to prove the charges.

This Happens Often

People are charged all the time when they should not be. This can show up in a few forms:

  • They did not commit a crime at all but were charged anyway.
  • They did commit a crime, just not the one they were charged with.
  • They committed a crime but were slapped with a multitude of charges that should not have been applied.

When law enforcement and prosecution overreach, they do a disservice to the justice system. In most case, a person’s guilt has been decided by the end of their arrest day in the eyes of the public. The media runs stories that sensationalize the charges next to a photo of a person’s mugshot.

But only in rare instances do you ever hear stories when charges are dropped. Even more rarely will you hear an apology from prosecutors for falsely charging someone.

In the case above, the Hackney brothers could have faced misdemeanor and felony charges for failing to report abuse, had they known, based on the accusations against their mother. This could have landed them in prison and facing monetary fines.

What An Attorney Can Do For You

If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with child abuse, please seek legal assistance as soon as possible. An Arizona criminal defense attorney will get to work investigating the case against you. The goal is to show who you truly are, not who the prosecution says you are. In many cases, people end up with charges in which prosecutors have no evidence to prove. In other cases, people are slapped with far more charges that they should be. Your attorney will work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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