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    Criminal Lawyers in Sierra Vista AZ

    Schedule a free phone consultation today and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about the following criminal matters. Click through for introductory information prior to your consultations.

    Criminal Lawyers in Sierra Vista AZ

    Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys- Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsHave you been confronted with a criminal law violation in Arizona? If so, contact one of our qualified criminal lawyers in Sierra Vista AZ. Criminal charges can bring on legal consequences, including incarceration or huge fines. You must have a qualified Cochise County criminal defense attorney working enthusiastically to represent your best interests. My AZ Legal Team, PLLC’s criminal defense attorneys remain available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to answer any questions you may have and give you the legal expertise you demand.

    Unlike other criminal defense lawyers in Arizona, we do not require a retainer in order to take your case. Instead, we provide your first legal consultation at no cost to you, by phone or in person with a professional Arizona criminal attorney. Our qualified attorneys are always available to meet clients in the evenings and on weekends if necessary or requested. My AZ Legal Team, PLLC proffers competitive rates that will match or beat the fees of our competitors.

    Contacting an experience, qualified criminal defense attorney when you need one might be the deciding point between gaining immediate freedom and wasting away in jail. Indeed, the majority of minor criminal matters like DUI are easily resolvable if you have a good criminal defense attorney, and in several instances you may be able to avoid spending even one night locked up. As we appreciate that the majority of people will not have easy access to great quantities of cash should they be arrested for a criminal charge, we attempt to lessen the difficulty of that process for our criminal defense clients that part easier by offering rational, economical payment plans for the majority of criminal cases.

    Why Should I Hire the My AZ Legal Team?

    • Affordable fees and payment plans to meet most budgets
    • Lawyers who are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year
    • Free consultation with an experienced, dedicated criminal defense lawyer
    • Locations throughout Arizona
    • Evening and weekend appointments available on request

    Practice Areas

    The criminal lawyers in Sierra Vista AZ of the My AZ Legal Team provide aggressive representation for a variety of criminal matters. Whether you have been charged with a crime or are awaiting charges, we’re available around the clock to help.

    Schedule a free phone consultation today and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about the following criminal matters. Click through for introductory information prior to your consultations.

    How Do I Prepare for My Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    If you have never been faced with a criminal offense before, you might find the criminal justice system confusing and even frightening. When this occurs, you should make an appointment as soon as possible for a consultation with one of the criminal defense attorneys at My AZ Legal Team. We know that picking up the telephone to take that first step can be scary in itself, however. Therefore, the criminal defense lawyers at My AZ Legal Team have put together the following points to help you prepare for your initial consultation with a Sierra Vista criminal defense lawyer.

    What Can I Expect During my Criminal Defense Consultation?

    Congratulations! By scheduling a free consultation with an experienced crimnal defense attorney at the My AZ Legal Team, you are taking a huge step towards resolving your legal issues. It is not surprising that you may be feeling some trepidation about this meeting. It is our hope that, by providing you with information about our consultations, we can help alleviate a portion of this stress.

    Step 1: Gather Your Documents

    You should have received some sort of paperwork on your criminal case, either from the police or the court. Any documentation that you possess that relates to your case should be gathered so that you will be able to bring it with you to your initial consultation with a Sierra Vista criminal defense attorney. These may include a receipt for bail, a ticket, or a notice to appear in court. Any paperwork with a court date appearing on it is especially important for you to bring to your initial consultation. While your lawyer will be able to request documentation from the court once he or she has filed an appearance for you, the legal process will run much more smoothly if you bring everything you have to that first meeting with your attorney.

    Step 2: Prepare Your Version of Events

    It is a good idea to write down everything that you remember about the incident in question and the accusations being made against you. Putting everything in writing in the order that it occurred will help you to remember details that might otherwise have been forgotten. Write down as much information as you can about dates, times, places and what actually happened. Also document what the police have done, if anything, so far regarding your case. Any interactions with law enforcement in regards to your criminal case will be important to tell your Cochise County criminal defense attorney. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for your lawyer to provide you with the best possible criminal defense.

    Step 3: Make A List of Witnesses

    While you are documenting your side of the story, you should also make a list of any witnesses whom you think could help in your defense. If you have witnesses who are alibis, write down their names and contact information. If you know people whom you think would make good character witnesses should that become necessary, note their information as well. All of this information can be quite helpful to your Sierra Vista criminal defense attorney in preparing and defending your criminal case.

    Step 4: Make a List of Your Question for the Attorney

    Finally, you will want to write down any and all questions you have for your Sierra Vista criminal defense attorney. Your questions can be about the legal system in general and/or about your criminal case in particular. If you have all of your queries written down, you will be sure not to forget to ask anything important when you meet for your initial consultation with your attorney. Questions that you might want to pose to your lawyer include (but are not limited to):

    • What should I expect to happen during my criminal court case?
    • How will my sentence be decided – by a jury or a judge?
    • If convicted, can that conviction be expunged?
    • If convicted, what rights should I expect to lose, if any?
    • What are the possible sentences for my crime?
    • If I am given probation, what should I expect?

    You might also have questions about the criminal attorney him- or herself, such as:

    • How long have you been practicing criminal law?
    • How often do your cases go to trial?
    • Will you be the only lawyer working on my criminal case?
    • Why should I choose you?
    • How much are your fees and how will my payments be handled?

    Rest assured, when you choose representation from one of the experienced criminal defense lawyers at My AZ Legal Team, your case will be in good hands.

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